Solo Reperoire:

J. S. Bach
• Cello Suite No. 3 in C major
• Partita No. 3 in E major for solo violin
• Chorale No. 62

Herbert Brun - Just Seven for the Snare Drum
(snare drum solo)

Michael Burritt -
• Azure
• Caritas
• Four Movements for Marimba
• October Night
• Out of The Blue (Marimba and Piano)
• 5 Preludes for Marimba
• Scirroco
• Shadow Chaser
• The Offering

John Cage - In A Landscape

Alfred Fissenger – Suite for Marimba

George Hamilton Green
(works for piano and marimba or xylophone)
• Chromatic Fox Trot
• Cross Corners
• Log Cabin Blues
• Valse Brilliante

David Hollinden - Of Wind And Water

Peter Klatzow - Dances of Earth and Fire

David Maslanka - Variations on Lost Love

Askell Masson –
• Prim (solo snare drum)
• Impromptu (solo marimba)

Daniel McCarthy - Rimbasly
(marimba and tape)

Clair Omar Musser - Etude in C major, Etude in B major

John S. Pratt - Selected solos for military snare drum

Joseph Schwantner - Velocities for solo marimba

Paul Smadbeck - Rhythm Song

Gordon Stout - Two Mexican Dances

Yasuo Sueyoshi - Mirage for Marimba

Toshimitsu Tanaka - Two Movements for Marimba

Alejandro Vinao – Khan Variations, Riff (Piano and Marimba)

Frank Wiley – The Magus

Jay Alan Yim - Escape Velocity 1.4

Iannis Xenakis – Rebonds
(percussion solo)

Concerto Repertoire:

Michael Burritt - Concerto for Marimba and Chamber Orchestra

Michael Burritt – Duo Concertante
(Percussion and Clarinet with Wind Ensemble)

Neil DePonte - Concertino for Marimba
(Orchestra and Wind Ensemble)

Alan Hovhaness - Fantasy on Japanese Woodprints

Robert Kurka - Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra

James MacMillan – Veni Veni Emmanuel
(Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra)

Thea Musgrave - Journey Through A Japanese Landscape
(Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble)

Ney Rosauro - Concerto for Marimba
(Orchestra or Band)

Saint Saens - Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
(for marimba and orchestra)

Joseph Schwantner - Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
(wind ensemble version available)

Steven Stucky - Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble

Jeff Tyzik - Riff’s - Concerto for Drums Set and Wind Ensemble

Soloist with Chamber Ensemble:

Bob Becker - Mudra
(for solo drum and percussion quintet)

• Shadow Chasers (solo marimba with percussion quartet)
• Rounders (solo marimba with percussion trio)
• The Blue Flame Quintet (solo marimba with percussion quartet)
• Timeless (solo percussion and marimba with percussion trio)
• Too The Nines (solo percussion and drum set with perc trio)
• Willow (Marimba soloist with percussion trio)
• Waking Dreams – Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ens.

Hwang – Concerto for Marimba
(solo marimba with trio playing Chinese percussion instruments)

Daniel McCarthy –
• Song of Middle Earth (solo marimba and percussion with 10 percussionists)

• Chamber Symphony for Marimba and Winds

Minoru Miki – Marimba Spiritual

Carlos Sanchez - Gutierrez - Ex Machina