Press Quotes

Nachrichten - Upper Austrian News
"A brilliant highlight, a rhythmic jubilee of fireworks, ignited by the American percussionist Michael Burritt."

Rochester City Newspaper
"Next came the world premiere of "Duende Concerto for Percussion and Wind Orchestra" by Michael Burritt, a tour de force in both composition and performance. Playing the handsome new marimba he co-designed, along with drums and hand drums, Burritt was a whirling dervish. His four-mallet technique on marimba was at times breathtaking."

Chicago Sun Times
"Played with indefatigable flair"

Omaha World-Herald
"Michael Burritt displays the skill and intensity of a veteran performer and radiates the curiosity and excitement of a student......these talents helped the Northwestern University Professor capture and retain the undivided attention of an Omaha Symphony Audience of more than 1,500."

Richmond Palladium Item
"It would be hard to say which was more impressive -- Burritt's musicianship or his athleticism. He created a masterful range of percussive sounds, precisely timed, while turning and occasionally dashing from one instrument (or bank of instruments) to another. Whew!"

Percussive Notes Magazine
"You can go to school with this recording" A must acquisition for any serious percussionist."

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
"He impressed with his effortless playing."

Instrumentalist Magazine
"an outstanding keyboard percussionist."

Leigh Howard Stevens (International marimba soloist)
"one of the greatest marimbists of our time..."

Anders Astrand (Swedish virtuoso vibraphonist)
"Michael Burritt is a throwback to the great 19th century tradition of the performer-composer and his contributions to the percussion world are unquestionably a lasting one."

Professor Gary Cook (President, Percussive Arts Society)
"The Audience was held spellbound by his dazzling virtuosity and musicianship. "

"Michael has refined his concepts of marimba playing into a concise and clear presentation that, I must say, is one of the finest I have observed and enjoyed in over twenty years of College teaching."